Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on the Internet Post

Just got back from the last show of Conan O'Brien's tour not an hour ago. I'm too jazzed to sleep, so might as well post on the internet. The show was excellent, and I don't regret one dime spent on it. Well, I kinda regret the money spent on that soda. Even for a concert venue, the prices on non-alcoholic beverages at the Fox Theatre are outrageous.

The opening act was a musician/comedian by the name of Reggie Watts. His set impressed me a bit. I am definitely interested in checking out more of his material. After a brief intermission while they set up for the main show, The Legally Prohibited Band (Conan's Tonight Show Band minus Weinberg) came out and performed a couple of numbers. I've always been impressed by the lot of them on Late Night and The Tonight Show, but you don't know how good a band really is until you hear them live. After tonight, I view them as nothing less than amazing.

After Conan monologued for a bit, the show alternated between musical numbers and comedy. While I can't say much for Conan's signing, he plays a pretty mean guitar. Comedy highlights included Andy reading an ad for the Clermont Lounge, Conan having a 'dialogue' with the audience (the audience's part being fed to us by teleprompter) in which the audience cajoled him into kissing LaBamba, and the Chuck Norris Rural Officer Handle that played clips of a certain show that shall remain nameless. For the Chuck Norris Rural Officer Handle bit, Conan brought out Evander Holyfield and Jack McBrayer for a pull of the handle. My favorite musical moment was the instrumental rendition of Seven Nation Army. It offered a great chance for the guitarists in the band, including Conan, to show off a bit.

I had so much fun at the show that I almost regret not paying for one of the expensive package deals with autographed merchandise and the like. Almost.

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